Predator Free Arrowtown

Predator Free Arrowtown was formed in 2017 to help control pests and predators around Arrowtown and the wider area. This group is concerned primarily with reducing the numbers of mustelids, rodents, and possums in the Arrow River catchment. This area contains some of the best-preserved ecological values in the basin, and is home to multiple different native species, including rifleman, falcon, and weta. The project aims to ensure good ongoing breeding success for all these plants and animals. Eventually the project looks to expand and connect trap lines run in the wider area, including KAPOW, Coronet, and Cardrona. It will also incorporate areas that will be revegetated with native plants providing increased areas of habitat, such as Feehly Hill and Tobin’s Face. So far the project has attracted enough funding from local businesses and other groups to acquire over 300 traps.

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