30th January 2024

What’s living in your backyard

Photo of a McCann’s Skink in a backyard in Arthur’s Point

Have you ever wondered what animals are living in your backyard? Well, this is your chance to find out. We are running a project called “What’s living in your backyard” and are looking for participants to sign up and collect some data from their backyard to help us.

All you need to do is four bird counts, look for some lizards and put up a weta motel. We have already had people sending us in data with some awesome findings like bellbird nests, lots of tui, fantails, and many other birds and some skinks. We will provide training and the equipment you will need.

Getting people involved in this means we can gather data from a range of different properties with differing characteristics. This data can then help us to understand what we can do in our backyards to make them friendlier for our native animals.

Weta motel being used for the project

Many thanks to Bunnings for donating the materials for the weta motels, and to Keith for making them for us.

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