Trapping Groups Survey 2023

Enter our Group Survey for the chance to win a $50 fuel voucher. Please respond by Sunday 30th April.

Winners will be drawn at random on the 2nd May and notified via email. Good luck 😀

WWT Trapping Groups Survey 2023

1. Do you feel the Whakatipu Wildlife Trust have added value to your group with regards to the following?

1.A Trapping Strategy
1.B Education & Training
1.C Data Recording /
1.D Fundraising / Financial Support
1.E Finding New Volunteers
1.F Managing Current Volunteers
1.G Co-ordination Efforts
1.H Networking
1.I Sourcing Traps & Equipment
1.J Sourcing Bait & Supplies
1.K Technology Trials (Camera Traps etc.)
1.L Results Monitoring (Bird counts, tracking tunnels etc.)
2. How would you like to interact with the Whakatipu Wildlife Trust? (select all that apply) *
4. How would you rate the communication you receive from the Whakatipu Wildlife Trust?
0 = Poor / 10 = Excellent
5. Do you / would you attend any of the following Whakatipu Wildlife Trust events? *
6. Would you like to connect with other trapping groups in your area?
7. What are the greatest challenges facing your trapping group? (select all that apply) *
8. How do you currently monitor your results? (select all that apply) *
10. Have you considered the long term future of your trapping group or do you have a strategy or long term plan in place?
12. Would you like to know more about any of the following?

Please enter your details so we can contact you if you win a prize. Good luck!