Paradise Trust Paradise Protection Plan

Since the late 1800’s, Paradise has been available to people seeking tranquility and an accessible experience of wild places. Paradise is a 300 acre historic property and is open to the public all year round. A trust was set up in 1998 to preserve this property in perpetuity. A large component of the trust deed is its commitment to protecting the natural environment. Trapping began in 2010 and was prompted by the desire to save our endangered long tailed bats, with ‘bat spotting’ being a popular summer time activity. In 2013 the ‘Paradise Protection Plan’ was drawn up by Mandy Groshinski, as part of an application to DOC for biodiversity funding, for which we were granted just over 8k. Trapping is only one part of the Paradise Protection Plan. The other two projects that stand along side this are, weed control & replanting of Kowhai trees as part of Project Gold.

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