Alpine Retreat

Alpine Retreat is a community of 37 one acre properties at the top of a non exit road, accessed via Moke Lake Road. We have 30 hectares of shared common land on both sides of a ridge that rises up towards Bob’s Peak. Our north east boundary backs on to a large Beech Forest at the head of 5 Mile Creek. Recently we have had our land cleared of pine trees thanks to the Wilding Pine Group and are replanting in natives with the support of Wakatipu Reforestation Trust. We maintain our common land by having working bees 4 times a year. A small group of us have set rat and possum traps on our common land. We have also increased the number of traps on our own properties. Our goal is to return the common land to native alpine vegetation with birdlife by increasing the number of households trapping on their properties and increasing the trapping we are doing on our common land, some of which is in beech forest.

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